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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Preserve our Pelican Reserve

The following is part of a press release we are sending out this week.

Experts are predicting catastrophic consequences for the Dalmatian pelican colony breeding site, the only of its kind in Bulgaria and for the greater Reserve as a whole if actions are not taken to ensure the ongoing and sustainable future of the Nature Reserve. Professor Nikola Mihov, pictured below, is the local representative of the Central Laboratory for General Ecology and he says, ‘Biosphere Reserve Srebarna due to its biological diversity is one of the most important natural reserves in Bulgaria and we have a duty to protect it for generations to come’.
In the past the reed beds which float upon the surface of the lake were harvested by the local population for use as insulation and for building materials but over time this practise has ceased and the old reeds are now left to degrade into the lake. Various action plans have been proposed and some partially implemented during the past 20 years but the situation has now reached a critical point. Professor Mihov told me, ‘The time for action is now, we must implement the proposals made in my recent report and failure to act now will have devastating results’.

His proposals include,

Constructing a new concrete and stone embankment on the Danube similar to those already in place, on less environmentally important stretches of the river, this will stop soil erosion during high tides.

The development of a new more suitable site for the pelican colony, protecting them from invasive predators, such as Wild Boar.

The removal of existing Dykes that are preventing the natural dispersal of sediments causing the Lake to choke.

The formation of an international steering group of interested parties to lobby government within Bulgaria and also the European Commission.

Whilst Nikola is eager to get the work underway he does recognise the importance of carefully thought out planning and feels strongly that the first and most important action to be taken is the formation of the steering committee to ensure that the plans are implemented safely and with as little impact on the inhabitants of the Reserve.

Please take the time to visit and sign our petition at;

Please contact us if you wish to receive a copy of the Mihov report in full, stating either 'WORD' or 'POWERPOINT' depending upon your preferred format.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger SeEtta said...

I just saw the alert on this on the Fatbirder website and have posted a request for others to sign the petition on my blog-- Good luck. SeEtta,a birder-conservationist in Colorado, USA


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