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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Problems for Pelicans/Please sign our petition.

Srebarna Pelican Colony. No smiling photos to show today, just the following statement.

Despite the efforts made in improving the breeding conditions for the Srebarna Dalmatian Pelican colony, for the second consecutive year a serious problem has arisen and compromised the earliest breeding Pelicans.

On March 19th a sounder of Wild Boar entered the colony and destroyed somewhere in the region of 45-50 Pelican eggs and their nests. As a result of this some members of the colony, around 40 pairs shifted their location 850 south where they have recommenced breeding and laying on this secondary site. The rest of the colony has dispersed most likely to lakes across the Danube.

In response to this incident we are asking for assistance from the government, NGO’s and the general public in implementing the following actions.

1) The construction of a boundary fence that will deny access to the Breeding site to land based predators. This will be done at a time sensitive to the colonies breeding activities with as little impact as possible on the birds.

2) The location of a discreet hide at an environmentally sympathetic distance to be staffed by both paid and volunteer workers who will guard the sites during the breeding season thereby ensuring the safety of future egg clutches and guaranteeing successful fledging.

Please visit and sign our petition, please encourage your friends and networks to do the same.

Our sincere thanks go again to Ekaterina Nikolova for her invaluable help in composing the Bulgarian language version of this petition.

Just copy and paste this link into your browser.


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