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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Various events in Bulgaria commemorated the Earth Day on April 22.

In Sofia ecologists and nature-lovers planted trees in the Vistosha Mountain region.

Veliko Turnovo’s Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water organised various competitions and discussions dedicate to environment protection and refuse problems.

Varna ecologists carried out a rally against climate changes, Focus news agency reported. Refuse problems and uncontrolled constriction were the most serious environmental problems of the region of Varna, ecologists said.

The Earth Day is dedicated to the strive for living in harmony with nature and turning sustainable development into a state policy and common goal of the whole society.

This year’s celebrations of the International Earth Day are dedicated to the climate change problems.

Sofia Echo 23.04.07

We here at Srebarna used the day to plan our next waste collection event which will be on May 13th.More details will be posted about this closer to the day.


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