Pelican Lake Guesthouse Environmental Project Centre, Srebarna.

We live at the Pelican Lake Guesthouse & Environmental Project Centre Srebarna, adjacent to the Biosphere Reserve in North East Bulgaria. We provide regular updates on our project work and reports on activity on the reserve. We co-operate closely with a number of other conservation organisations to ensure a sustainable future for wildlife and the environment. Details of our current projects and info about Pelican Lake Guesthouse can be found here;

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Out Scouting.....

Yesterday we went out in search of suitable places to put up our first bird boxes as part of our volunteer program. 'Bird Box Buddies' participants can build bird, bee, bat, mouse or ladybird boxes for deployment in the nearby woods. Each box is individually numbered and 'progress reports' are sent out monthly to let people know of any habitation or activity in and around their boxes. More information about this programme and our other activities can be found at just have a look at the volunteer pages.

Just looked again at the pics and it looks as though I'm wandering around lost. ;) I assure you that I know exactly where I am,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where am I?? ;)


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