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We live at the Pelican Lake Guesthouse & Environmental Project Centre Srebarna, adjacent to the Biosphere Reserve in North East Bulgaria. We provide regular updates on our project work and reports on activity on the reserve. We co-operate closely with a number of other conservation organisations to ensure a sustainable future for wildlife and the environment. Details of our current projects and info about Pelican Lake Guesthouse can be found here;

Monday, April 30, 2007

Swiss visitors return

Last April we had a large group of visitors from Switzerland ,see 09:04:06 blog entry.

Some of them loved it here so much that they returned with another group this April!

Staying with us here at the Pelican Lake Guesthouse House, ,and also with the lovely Luba at Srebarna Hotel,
The group of 17 had two great days here with some great sightings.

A detailed list of the species recorded will be posted here soon, when one of the group sends me their list ;)) Please??

Quick reminder to all that our next Waste collection event is coming up on Sunday 13th May, volunteers from the UK and Bulgaria will spend the day removing plastic and other waste from the Reserve. Then a Garden Party at Srebarna Birding HQ.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Time out with my neighbour....

Ginka is one of our best friends and is more like a mother to us than a neighbour.

Always there with words of advice in the garden as pictured here today.
The weather remains unusually warm for this time of year and we have already planted out tomatoes, some 3 weeks early.

The birds too seem to continue to arrive earlier than last year with the Cuckoo and Golden Oriole joining us this week.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Various events in Bulgaria commemorated the Earth Day on April 22.

In Sofia ecologists and nature-lovers planted trees in the Vistosha Mountain region.

Veliko Turnovo’s Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water organised various competitions and discussions dedicate to environment protection and refuse problems.

Varna ecologists carried out a rally against climate changes, Focus news agency reported. Refuse problems and uncontrolled constriction were the most serious environmental problems of the region of Varna, ecologists said.

The Earth Day is dedicated to the strive for living in harmony with nature and turning sustainable development into a state policy and common goal of the whole society.

This year’s celebrations of the International Earth Day are dedicated to the climate change problems.

Sofia Echo 23.04.07

We here at Srebarna used the day to plan our next waste collection event which will be on May 13th.More details will be posted about this closer to the day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Out Scouting.....

Yesterday we went out in search of suitable places to put up our first bird boxes as part of our volunteer program. 'Bird Box Buddies' participants can build bird, bee, bat, mouse or ladybird boxes for deployment in the nearby woods. Each box is individually numbered and 'progress reports' are sent out monthly to let people know of any habitation or activity in and around their boxes. More information about this programme and our other activities can be found at just have a look at the volunteer pages.

Just looked again at the pics and it looks as though I'm wandering around lost. ;) I assure you that I know exactly where I am,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where am I?? ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007


Our lovely friends Archie and Laurell popped round for a spot of fresh mint tea and to give us a helping hand in the garden.

They live in the nearby village of Popina and have been living here for just over a year now.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Time

We had a lovely Easter here with the neighbours visiting, exchanging eggs and homemade treats, not a shop bought chocolate in site!

We had volunteer visitors from Israel working in the garden, Dehal and Laure.
They really got stuck in and also helped out eating all the treats.

Gill from Australia was with us for the whole week photographing everything in site including this beautiful Oil beetle (Meloe proscarabaeus).Gill has kindly promised to forward more pictures when she returns home which we will then publish on the Blog.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring is here!

A fresh smell seems to fill the air as Spring arrives.

Most of the early flowers are now out and the fruit trees are in blossom.
The garden is getting greener everyday and the bees are out making honey.

The Storks are back and nesting happily again in the centre of the village.

I love this time of year!